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Hot Enough to Fry an Egg…

In Tucson, we quickly learned to protect ourselves and our belongings from the hot summer sun in Southern Arizona. “The heat could cook an egg on the pavement,” is a common saying when discussing the hot Tucson weather.

If you’re curious, it’s indeed feasible to fry an egg on a sidewalk in Southern Arizona. Possible. For an egg to be properly and safely cooked, the surface temperature needs to be a minimum of 158°[1]. In the hottest months, the ground in the American southwest can get extremely hot because of the sun’s heat.

Toys left outside in the summer will quickly fade, become brittle, crack, disintegrate, and ruin. Examples of such toys include rubber balls, leather gloves, and plastic dolls.

The Arizona sun would ruin a cheap, foldable garden chair made of aluminum and straps in just a few weeks. In Tucson, people quickly learn to store things in a shady spot to prevent damage from the strong sun.

Common knowledge dictates that the intense heat inside a car parked directly under the sun with all windows closed can be hazardous. Because of the greenhouse effect, the car’s interior can reach temperatures exceeding 200°. This extreme heat can rapidly inflict significant damage to the car’s interior.

Safeguarding your car by seeking out a shaded parking spot is crucial.

The good people at Westerner Products have earned the reputation of being the Shade Experts of Southern Arizona. The domestically owned business has been offering top-notch shade items in the desert since 1966. One of Westerner’s most popular products is a custom carport made for shade – a carport shade.

Designed for Sun Protection

Preserving your vehicle under shade helps retain its fresh appearance and sustains its worth. In reality, prolonged exposure to sunlight can harm your vehicle, which in turn, depreciates its resale value[2].

When left in the sun, paint will fade. Rubber trim will harden. Upholstery and dashboards will dry up and crack. Headlights will become cloudy.

Entering an idle, sun-baked car can be an awful experience. The optimal solution is to keep your vehicle in a shaded area when you’re not using it.

Westerner Products boasts a rich tradition of constructing bespoke, zero-maintenance carports for both home and business clients. Whether you have one car or many, Westerner Products can create and install a carport that fits your needs. Westerner Products comes highly recommended.

Don’t settle on a cheap carport kit. Every carport from Westerner Products is custom-made to suit your preferences. You can choose to have it attached to your house or standing alone on your property.

Westerner Products can create carports for vehicles of any size or shape. They also offer special designs for travel trailers, motorcycles, and boats.

You can choose to customize your carport with just a roof or add aluminum siding for more security. Numerous carport designs from Westerner Products include gutters and rain spouts, and they require almost no maintenance.

Alluminum Carports

When it comes to protecting your vehicles, Westerner Products has got you covered. With their custom-made carports, you can say goodbye to settling for cheap and flimsy carport kits. Westerner Products can customize a carport to fit your needs. You can choose whether you want it attached to your house or standing alone on your property.

No matter the size or shape of your vehicle, Westerner Products can create a carport that fits like a glove. They even offer special designs specifically crafted for travel trailers, motorcycles, and boats. Whether you love road trips or own a boat, Westerner Products has the perfect carport solution for you.

But it doesn’t stop there. Westerner Products offers aluminum siding for extra durability and protection, recognizing the importance of safeguarding. With this extra layer of protection, you can rest easy knowing that the elements cannot harm your vehicles.

Moreover, many of the carport designs from Westerner Products come equipped with gutters and rainspouts. This thoughtful addition efficiently directs rainwater away from your vehicles, preventing any potential damage. Their carports require little maintenance, allowing you to focus on what you enjoy instead of worrying about upkeep.

So, why settle for anything less in protecting your valuable vehicles? Choose Westerner Products and experience the peace of mind that comes with their top-notch, custom-made carports. With their attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust that your vehicles will be in safe hands. Don’t wait any longer – invest in an aluminum carport from Westerner Products today!

Lattice Shade
Lattice Shade

Shade Specialists

Westerner Products, Inc. started in 1966, selling cheap aluminum awnings and providing great customer service. Westerner Products offers a variety of building products.

These include carports, screen enclosures, sun rooms, and Arizona rooms. We use glass to make the sun rooms and Arizona rooms, which allows for a beautiful view. Westerner Products also sets up pool enclosures that require no maintenance.

Westerner Products puts in attractive lattice shades for patios or pergolas. This outdoor entertainment area consists of aluminum and features a wood-like appearance. A shade structure by Westerner Products stays cool, strong, and durable, with no need for maintenance. It also has unique shade patterns.

Westerner Products specializes in low-maintenance siding and fascia for various existing structures, such as stucco buildings. They have different materials like vinyl, aluminum, or wood siding in different colors. You can choose vertical or horizontal design.

For prefab homes and other metallic structures, Westerner Products offers installation of Insulated Metal Foam Roof System. The metal foam roof keeps the Sonoran desert climate out by using strong aluminum and insulating foam.

Westerner Products not only designs but also installs steel roofs in a range of finishes, forms, and designs. A significant number of these steel roofs come with a lifetime paint finish warranty from the manufacturer.

You can open and close adjustable lattice shades for patio covers, picnic shelters, and more.

We can help you create and set up metal buildings, garages, and steel structures.

We focus on shade and provide various options for sun protection. These options are available for both your patio and carport.

Specialists in RV Carports

To safeguard your RV from the elements, Westerner Products is your top choice for metal RV shelters. Strong steel buildings or carports made from top-quality materials are an excellent choice for safeguarding your RV. Westerner Products will evaluate your requirements, such as your site layout, property boundaries, and yard space. They will create a personalized steel frame structure or cover to shield your RV from severe weather.

The experts at Westerner Products will assist you with building your carport. They will help with the initial design and choosing the best materials and colors. This includes the roof, side panels, and overall construction.

We all can use extra storage space. Utility carports are common in the US and working with Westerner Products is a good choice.

mobile home carport with golf carts

A Storage Hut Beside Your Vehicle Shelter

Are you struggling to accommodate your vehicle and all your additional belongings in the same area? Carports fit two cars, but if you struggle with space, think about getting extra storage. Adding a shed next to your carport is a smart and affordable way to make more room for your cars.


Enhance your home’s worth

With years of experience, Westerner Products can design and build a carport that enhances your home’s value. The aluminum carport is good quality, needs no maintenance, and makes your home look better and easier to take care of. This will also make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

The experienced Westerner Products team includes long-serving staff members with over 25 years of experience. A Westerner Products carport utilizes good materials and high construction values, and its value increases every year. The monetary worth and market attractiveness of your house will rise.

Westerner Products provides products at reasonable costs. Also the top choice for lasting performance and durability. This is because they use quality materials and maintain high workmanship standards.

Here Comes the Sun

Stay safe from the hot sun in Southern Arizona with a steel carport or metal structure for you and your family. The intense ultraviolet rays can be harmful, so it’s important to shield yourself.

Westerner Products has done excellent work in southern Arizona, creating many durable carports, patio covers, and shaded picnic areas.

Westerner can assist with building permits and applications, ensuring quality construction to meet inspections. Protect your vehicle and improve your home’s value and appeal with a carport from Westerner Products. Reach out to the knowledgeable sales team at Westerner Products to discuss your shade requirements.


Related Questions & Answers

Can you truly fry an egg on the scorching sidewalk in Southern Arizona?

Yes, it’s feasible to fry an egg on a sidewalk in Southern Arizona. For an egg to be properly and safely cooked, the surface temperature needs to be at least 158°F. During the hottest months, the ground in the American southwest can become extremely hot because of the sun’s heat. This allows for the ground to reach high temperatures.

What are the effects of the Arizona sun on outdoor items like toys and furniture?

Toys and furniture left outside in the summer sun in Arizona can suffer significant damage. Toys like rubber balls, leather gloves, and plastic dolls quickly fade, become brittle, crack, disintegrate, and ruin. Even a few weeks can ruin a cheap, foldable garden chair made of aluminum and straps.

How does the sun affect the interior of a car parked in it?

Parking a car directly under the sun with all windows closed can be hazardous because of the greenhouse effect. The inside of the car can get scorching hot, which can damage the paint, rubber, and upholstery.

What services does Westerner Products offer for sun protection?

Westerner Products specializes in creating custom carports, lattice shades for patios or pergolas, and metal structures for sun protection. They provide various building products like carports, screen enclosures, sun rooms, and Arizona rooms. They have aluminum siding for extra strength and protection, and low-maintenance siding and fascia for different buildings.

Why is it beneficial to install a carport from Westerner Products?

Adding a carport from Westerner Products boosts your home’s worth, looks good, lasts long, and shields your cars from sun harm. They offer custom-made, zero-maintenance carports for both home and business clients. We make these carports to fit customer needs and can add extra features like gutters and rain spouts.