10 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Enclosed Patio Space

Welcome to “10 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Enclosed Patio Space”! If you’re a Tucson resident looking to enhance your outdoor living area, you’ve come to the right place. At Westerner Products, we’ve been providing top-quality enclosures to the Tucson … Continued

Benefits of an Aluminum Arizona Screen Room

What is an Aluminum Arizona Screen Room? An aluminum Arizona screen room is an ideal home addition for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to harsh weather conditions. It offers a comfortable, safe, and convenient area … Continued

Before You Buy: Things to Consider When Choosing a Shed

When it comes to choosing a shed for your home, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate all the different options and materials available. But fear not, because Westerner Products is here to help! With over 50 years of experience … Continued

Renovate Your Mobile Home with Durable Vinyl Siding

Revamp Your Mobile Home with Durable Vinyl SidingHaving a mobile home is an excellent way to enjoy living in your own space without the long-term commitment of conventional housing. However, over time, your mobile home can start to look worn, … Continued

Reasons to Consider a Lattice Shade for Your Home

Shade Your Home in Style: The Benefits of an Aluminum Lattice Shade in Tucson, AZA home without shade can be extra hot in Tucson, AZ. The hot sun can make it difficult to cool down your house. Without shade, your … Continued

Benefits of a Steel Roof in Tucson, AZ

“Looking to Save on Your Energy Bills? A Steel Roof May Be the Answer” A steel roof may be the answer if you’re looking to save on your energy bills. Steel roofs are highly reflective, which can help keep your … Continued

Stay Cool with An Alluminum Carport

Table of Contents Hot Enough to Fry an Egg Designed for Sun Protection Alluminum Carports Shade Specialists Specialists in RV Carports A Storage Hut Beside Your Vehicle Shelter Enhance your home’s worth Here Comes the Sun Questions and Answers Hot … Continued

Professional Work and Service

A famous comedian once asked a contractor to give him two estimates for a remodeling job. The first estimate was for the contractor working alone.  For the second estimate the comedian wanted to know how much more it would cost … Continued

Shade By Your Pool

The sound of people laughing and splashing in the backyard pool is a distinctively pleasant sound of summer in southern Arizona.  The quickest way to cool off from the summer heat is to jump into cool, clear water. But when … Continued

It's A Dry Heat

“It’s a dry heat,” is more than just a punch line to a recurring joke told by first time visitors to Southern Arizona. The low humidity in this area is what makes this part of the world unique.  Desert animals … Continued

Protect Your Pets with Shade

Living in the desert has its advantages. We enjoy beautiful scenery surrounded by majestic purple mountains and clear, deep blue skies. We spend evenings watching breathtaking sunsets and never, ever again need to shovel snow. But as we approach the … Continued

The Importance of Shade

There is a natural initiation for every new resident in southern Arizona. You haven’t really lived in Tucson or one of the surrounding communities until you make it through one of our long hot summers. It is a test of … Continued